Thursday, October 25, 2007

Apology to the Philadelphia Inventors

So as anyone who’s followed the USCL at least a reasonable amount during the last two seasons knows, I’ve made many a prediction about both individual matches and teams’ overall chances. Though I’ve made some good ones and many bad ones, I’ve never, until now, really felt any remorse or regret about any of them due to the simple fact that predictions are well, just predictions, and not something to generally fret over. Plus when you add the fact that anytime I get a prediction wrong, I generally only have a couple minutes to mull over my stupidity before the Commissioner knocks on my door (figuratively) asking me to do some more work for the League that he really should be doing himself.

This particular scenario however was quite a bit different than the others as Greg had told me several times how badly I had scarred his father (ie the Inventors Manager) with my preseason prediction that his team would finish in last in the East (and they are now guaranteed at least second and have a good shot to take first!). Unfortunately, I always assumed he was just blowing smoke as he often does and didn’t get the chance to witness the effect I’d really had until I began to speak with his father a few weeks ago. As his father constantly reminded me of my gross incompetence in that regard as they moved farther and farther up in the standings, I realized what a huge impact I’d really had and asked what I could do to rectify my mistake. His father suggested an apology which I readily agreed to, but seeing how fast I agreed to that, he likely tried decided to press his luck a bit and demanded a 500 word one. I’m however too lazy/busy (doing Greg’s work) to make this one that long so hopefully this will suffice for now. I will make a deal with him though – if his team can win the Championship, I will write a 1000 word apology / congratulatory note to his team when they do!

One brief aside though -- for any others who I've made a prediction about which has turned out to be wrong, and they've gotten upset about (Seattle springs to mind, though I'm sure there are others who just haven't spoken up), don't get any funny ideas about asking for an apology too. I know what a bad precedent I've probably set in apologizing for this one, but I just want it to be clear to everyone -- this is a one time thing!

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HA81 said...

Ok, come on now, who's really over their writing this? It can't be Arun, I mean it is just unheard of. Picking Philly to finish last in the East isn't any crime. I was rooting for them, mostly because I know one of their players, but come on. Does Steinbrenner apologize when he spends another few million for a bad pitcher? NO. Does Belichick apologize for cheating with TV cameras? NO. I mean, it just isn't done. So, come on and tell us the truth. Do you think that Philly is sooo upset that they didn't use it as motivation? NO. So enough with apologies. In fact, I think this is some kind of trick, like now the Philly players are going to feel the love and let up. I sure hope not because it would really be a shame for a team that has done as much as they have to let up now.

That's what you gotta love about this league, anything can happen. Even a scam in an apology!!!