Monday, November 19, 2007

Game of the Year Contest

As this season of the League is nearing its conclusion, it's not too early to start thinking about the off-season activities that will take place, the most important of which will definitely be the Game of the Year Contest. The scoring for this contest will work very similarly to last year's contest with some important changes as well:

(1) There will be five brand new judges for Game of the Year (i.e. none of the three Game of the Week judges Jonathan Hilton, Greg Shahade, or myself will be voters) to ensure all of the judges will have a fresh and unbiased view towards each game in the contest.

(2) The prizes for this contest will be much better than last year's with the top five games receiving prizes (as compared to the top three last year) and there will also be $2000 in prizes this season with $1000 going to the top game.

and most importantly (at least from the perspective of my main motivation for writing this article)

(3) Instead of there being only the thirteen Game of the Weeks in this contest, there will be also be seven additional "Wildcard" games chosen by the three Game of the Week judges to be in the contest with each of us picking two of them and then conferring on the last one.

In reference to (3), I know there have been several weeks where many people have disagreed with our selection for Game of the Week. So all of you who think some game really deserved more credit than it happened to actually receive, let us know here! Please post in the comments section any and all opinions you might have about what game (s) you think should definitely be Wildcards in this contest. The selections for these Wildcard games will begin soon so if you want to nominate any game, now is the time to do so!


Elizabeth Vicary said...

Shiber -- Ju!!

Bionic Lime said...

Molner - Arnold, Week 5...

vishank said...

irina krush vs. bryan smith for the wildcard nomination, and vinay bhat vs. hikaru nakamura for game of the year.

Anonymous said...

any williams game he won hes too awesome

Anonymous said...

molner-arnold, zilberstein-batholomeu

Greg Shahade said...

btw there will be 5 prizes for game of the year. They will be:

1st - 1000
2nd - 500
3rd - 300
4th - 200
5th - 100

Sam Shankland said...