Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Prizes

We have instituted two new honors in the USCL this season: The Rookie of the Year Award and the Most Improved Player Award.

The Rookie of the Year Award will go to a player who has never played a USCL game prior to the season and has demonstrated excellence with his or her results.

The Most Improved Player Award will go to the player whom we feel has improved the most upon their performance from the previous season.

This year's Rookie of the Year Award goes to SM Jorge Sammour-Hasbun (BOS). Jorge, the top All Star for Board 2, finished the season with an amazing record of 6.5 / 7, leading his team to the brink of a USCL Championship, only to be foiled after a long tiebreak against Dallas.

This year's Most Improved Player Award goes to FM Todd Andrews (TEN). Todd had an season he wanted to forget in 2006, finishing with only a half point out of eight games. In 2007 Todd finally seemed to get the hang of the USCL, finishing the season with a strong 5 / 9 record with nearly a 2500 performance rating, a 400 point upswing from the previous season! His 2007 resume included victories over IM Jonathan Schroer, FM Marcel Martinez, and IM Larry Kaufman.

While there are no financial bonuses for these new awards in 2007, these awards will be given out in every future season, and we expect to include small bonuses in 2008. Congratulations to the two winners!

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