Friday, August 28, 2009

New Upset Prize for 2009

For each week of the regular season in 2009, we will have a new prize given to the player who has the biggest upset of the week, a t-shirt of that player's choice from Endgame Clothing.

This "biggest upset" will be based upon the largest rating difference, using August 2009 ratings. Note that these are the ratings used in the Schedule page (not the League Ratings which vary amongst different months for teams). For example, last year in Week 1, the prize would have gone to Meerovich over Harper.

Draws are also eligible to receive this upset prize, once again using the rating difference, but a draw counts for only half of that rating difference when tallying the biggest upset.

For those wondering, yes it's not going to be especially common for a draw to win this prize, but it is certainly possible. For instance, last year in Week 5 the three biggest upsets of that week all happened to be draws (Costigan vs Ippolito, Krasik vs Naroditsky, and Perea vs Bereolos).

We hope that everyone enjoys this new feature of the League!

1 comment:

Tom Panelas said...

Now we find out. Ilan should have gotten a t-shirt. :-)

He'll be delighted to know.