Thursday, August 19, 2010

Game of the Week Procedures for 2010

With the season about to begin, I just wanted to let everyone know how Game of the Week would work this year. For the most part the procedures will be identical to last year.

Our judging panel will remain the same, namely:

IM Greg Shahade
FM Jim Dean
NM Michael Aigner
NM Jeff Ashton
NM Arun Sharma

The only real change will be in the prizes which for the regular season will be:

1st: $200
2nd: $75
3rd: $50

For the first place game, $150 will go to the winner of the game and $50 to the loser (each getting $100 if it is a draw). For second and third, the prize goes entirely to the winner, being split equally if it's a draw.

The system for picking the winning games will be the same - each judge will independently rank their Top Five games, with their top pick getting five points, second four points, and so on with the games then being ranked by highest totals.


Ilya said...

I'm glad that after 5 years in the USCL, Greg has finally listened to one of my suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Good, now I can lose my games in magnificent fashion and get money :P

Anonymous said...

Yes, thats the point it takes two to create a masterpiece. If i play like a deuche, I can make sure you dont win GOW.

Anonymous said...

To the Loser Belong The Spoils - the USCL's new philosophy?