Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 9 Game of the Week

This year Game of the Week will be decided upon by IM Greg Shahade and NM Arun Sharma together. First place each week will receive a $200 bonus prize ($150 going to the winner of the game, $50 to the loser), second place $75, and third place $50 (both second and third going entirely to the winner).


1st Place: GM Jesse Kraai (SF) vs GM Julio Sadorra (DAL) 1-0

With 20. c3!, the threat of Black's Queen being trapped compelled 20... bxc3 after which 21. Rb8+ Ke7, the nice zwischenzug 22. Bc1! gave GM Kraai a decisive material advantage.

Very strong game by GM Kraai throughout, in particular the winning tactical sequence mentioned above. This game seemed like the best choice simply because it was a very interesting game, with several nice tactics and without any mistakes by the victor - really the exact sort of effort we tend to look for in GOTW and thus a very deserving winner in our eyes.


2nd Place: NM Justus Williams (NY) vs Christopher Wu (NJ) 0-1

Having been under fire for awhile after a typical Sicilian sacrifice, Wu struck back with 20... Rxc3+!, achieving a decisive mating attack.

While this sort of Nxb5 sacrifice bringing about a wild game is not exactly anything unusual, this was nevertheless another nice effort by Wu. In a position where many would be content to try to take their King to safety, he boldly left his King in the center and launched a devastating counterattack, effectively topped off with the shot shown above.


3rd Place: IM Salvijus Bercys (DAL) vs GM Vinay Bhat (SF) 0-1

GM Bhat nicely trumped White's seemingly winning shot 40. Qxe3 with 40... Ra1+! 41. Bxa1 Qxa1+ 42. Kd2 Qxd1+!, bringing about a winning endgame.

This game was definitely one of the most exciting of the week with both players being under a minute for much of the last chunk of the game in a very tough position. There were obviously some mistakes mixed in at the end as a result which somewhat marred what appeared earlier like it might be a very nice and clean effort by GM Bhat, but considering the time situation and the trickiness of the position, that's hardly surprising. And add to that the nice tactical sequence played by him to finish the game off, this seemed like a worthy choice for third.


Elizabeth Vicary said...

nobody loves accurate judging

Irina Krush said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow. Just, wow.

And the world wonders why chess can't get any sponsors. If one of our "top" players posts such petty whining because her boyfriend didn't get a prize, who can we expect to represent the sport to the world? I picture Irina throwing her rook across the room again as she composed this unforgivable diatribe. She should apologize to Mr. Williams, and to all of us, immediately.

"All the best" indeed.

-Matt Phelps

P.S. Remember, I'm no longer associated with the league; just a "citizen" now. I speak only for myself.


ChessObserver said...

Maybe there is a character called "being honest", don't forget there is also a character called "being respectful".

If a game between two young players (adding their ages together is not even older than that of Krush) should be called "a garbage", should I say why it is totally understandable that some female players are named "chess b****"?

Grow up, girl! Learn to be a decent and respectful human being before you think you are somebody! I believe the young players are smart enough to find their right role models in chess, who are certainly not someone like you!

VerityCawley said...

Oh my, I've seen a lot of negative comments over the years, some of which I admit I have found amusing when done in a comical way, but that was the nastiest thing I've seen to date, it was so genuinely Narcissistic and mean-spirited. I think Matt Phelps said what a lot of us were thinking to ourselves. Anyhow, on a positive note, I hope Krasiks win over Kapengut gets some consideration for the next Game of the Week, if it's permitted by her highness.

LWilliams said...

hi didn't get a chamce to see the comment regarding my son Justus, can someone sum it up for me?