Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Arizona Scorpions Logo

Here is the logo for the Arizona Scorpions:

Thanks to all who helped in developing this logo.


Vishank said...

sorry to correct you greg, but if you look at eugene perelshtien's info, you doubled the 2005 games, and for patrick wolf you diddnt put drasko for the first game. again, sorry, just letting you know.


Anonymous said...

Thanks I will fix that when I get home in 4 days or so.

- Greg

curtains said...

After getting home and looking at it, Im afraid to admit that Im not sure what you mean?

vishank said...

well, the first game in patrick wolff's info, the first game which was a draw, does not have drasko boskovic, it has o boskovic! and, it is not in blue. For perelstien, after the 2005 games, it says click here to go to the boston blitz homepage, and after that it says click to go to the us chess league homepage. Under that, there is some writing that i think should not be there, i think you duplicated the 2005 games. Also, in jenn shahade's info, for the 2006 season, you put 1.5/2 instead of the 0.5/2 that she won above the games. Thanks!

curtains said...

Wow that must be some sure doesn't look that way on my web design page. Not sure whats up.