Monday, November 10, 2008

Quarterfinal Predictions

Although the battle that is the prediction contest may only be for second at this point, there's still plenty of pride left in that so I shall trudge on.

Boston vs Queens: Most people seem to be favoring Boston after their crushing victory over the Pioneers in Week 10. However, we've seen too many times how a lopsided match result can have a completely different outcome when the rematch takes place, and I think Queens will definitely have revenge on their mind. Queens 2.5 – 1.5

New York vs Carolina: I've had basically no success at predicting Carolina matches correctly this year so perhaps picking what the general masses tend to believe will ensure I don't fall further behind in the contest. Plus when you add that in New York's four match winning streak and the Knights having overcome a draw odds match in the playoffs each of the last two years, the choice seems obvious. New York 2.5 – 1.5

San Francisco vs Dallas: The defending champions haven't made it back to the Semifinals the last two years, and this year should be no exception. While the Dallas players can cling to the hope that today might be the day that Sam Shankland leaves society to enter a monastery, too many of us have been holding on to the hope that that day will come for many years with no success. San Francisco 3 – 1

Miami vs Seattle: A fairly tricky match to call, much closer I feel than most seem to think. It largely depends on which version of Nakamura shows up to play this week. Since I can't really make an educated conjecture about that, I'll go down the middle for the overall match. Miami ties Seattle 2 – 2

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