Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wildcard Game #3

Wildcard #3: IM Marc Esserman (BOS) vs GM John Fedorowicz (NY) 1-0

Arun Sharma: Another game, which like my first pick, finished a close second in GOTW during its time in a decision that I'm still unsure of. It was a very different style than the game which ended up nudging it out, Shulman vs Chirila, and like many things perhaps a matter of taste as to which game was preferable. However, the fact that the Shulman game was the match deciding win while the Esserman game ended up being for naught was also a definite factor as the decision could well have gone the other way if not for that.

This game's probably most attractive point was the shot 25. Ke2!, likely a bit of home preparation, though it had in fact been played before. How impressive this was, well, there has been more than one debate over the seasons about how high an importance should be placed on home preparation, or how much something having been played before should count against someone, and just as stated earlier, it's very much a matter of opinion.

Whatever anyone might think, it was a close decision to me as to whether this should have won GOTW during its time so, like my first pick, I think it's very appropriate to throw this game into the mix of the GOTY Contest and let the GOTY Judges render the final verdict!


Anonymous said...

Arun gives a wildcard to someone who reads a line and copies it move for move? There was -99 creativity in this game. We need new magistrates.

Jokerjr said...

0 creativity are you a moron? are you a naka fan boy or something? There was a nice novelty played, maybe you're to stupid to realize it. Why dont you worry about getting your rating above 1200 before making idiotic comments. We need new magistrates? Actually we need a system were you can only make comments when you have common sense.

Anonymous said...

esserman should have won gotw for this weeks ago. doubtful he will win wildcard, uscl likes to ignore him for some reason. very sad.

Kolb said...

There should be a like button so I could thumbs up Jokerjr.
Dear anonymous author number 1, Please read over your posts before submitting and check your analysis (lack thereof) with any chess program. No need to disparage Marc and his wildly creative games given all his effort to spice up American chess via uschessleague. Furthermore why not add a name to your statement so we can see that pretty face behind your thoughtless remarks.


"The Chess Magician"!!! said...

Obviously, if your anonymous, you got no balls! "The Magician", "The Chess Magician", that is; knows, all the petty little innuendos, that one may post to defame, an obviously brillisnt entry. But if you want to see what "Street Brilliant" " is Bring your pretty butt to Harvard Sq., and I'll show you what it's all about! Queen to rook five, how long can you stay alive, Catdog???

Anonymous said...

i wish every comment would be followed by ones rating and or title, this would make reading this all the more interesting.

wHySoSeRiOuS said...

The Magician's Live Ratings:

Classical: 2100
Blitz: 2400
Streets: 2800
Life: 3250

Anonymous said...

Why so serious everyone???!!!! MARC IS AMAZING. He deserves to win every single chess game. I mean have you seen his facebook? He like totally rocks, just check out his festive cat in the hat hat in his profile picture. I would be honored to even sit across a chessboard from him. LOVE YOU MARC!!!!! x <3 x <3

Anonymous said...

I hope people appreciate Hilary nakamura participating in uscl and will honor him with game of the week soon, the man is something else,he is brash bold fearless everything one would want a true all-American

anonymous author number 1 said...

1. We all share the anonymous cowardice.

2. This was a nicely prepared game, he has more time than the average
person to prepare for USCL League matches and it shows, it's not an insult it's a compliment.

3. I reread my post, I did another analysis of his preparation and the
game, and I still say it was well thought out, and was not a creative game.

4. Marc Esserman and his fans live in a delusional world of grandiose that I'd rather take no part in.

5. This will be third to last in GOTY.

Anonymous said...

Who is this clown, talking like knows what it takes to prepare on Gm
level,w unless he plays on that level or unless he sucks up to naka every day, he is talking out of his ***

Anonymous said...

Esserman is preparing on an IM level, not GM level, as his title and rating indicate.

wHySoSeRiOuS said...

Please be aware, the image is disturbing:

"Tell them your name."
"Anonymous author #1."

"Are you the real Batman???"


"Noo. haheha. THEN WHY DO YOU DRESS UP LIKE HIM? Hehehehe wooooohoohohoho heheheahha"

"He's a symbol, that, we don't have to be afraid of memorizers like you."

"Yeaa. You do Anonymous author #1. You really do. Huhh. Yeaaaa hahaheheha. Oh, shhshhhshh".

"So you think, Batman's made Gotham a better place? Hmm..Look at me. LOOK AT ME.

You see, this is how Crazzzzzy Batman's made Gotham. You want Order, in Gotham. Batman must take off his mask, and turn himself in. Oh, and every day he doesn't, creative Grandmasters will lose. Starting tonight. I'm a man of my wooord. Hahhahhaha Wohahahahhahahahah ahhhhhhhhhhhhh".

Professional Computers built cheap said...

"anonymous author number 1 said..."


1. Speak for yourself. We all do not share this anonymous cowardice.

My Previous Handle was HarvardMITSchmuck and my USCF ID is ID is: 2^7; 2^4; 2^1; 2^(-infinity); 2^(-infinity) -- concatenated. If you are mathematically or technologically incapable, too bad. E-mail someone who copied the line from a database.

My rating is 16-something*. I don't care. I have a sort of visual and sequential dyslexia. I don't know much theory. I can see up to 3 moves ahead as long as my opponent writes them down for me on a napkin. I like ideas though.

2. This is meaningless as well as unsupportable. Preparation time is a choice as well as professional responsibility. These players are paid. Preparation time also varies wildly depending on EFFICIENCY, INTUITION, and previously ESTABLISHED TRAINING, and GENERAL MEMORY -- play results from a lifetime of skill and training, not two random hours sweated out before a game. Unless that's how you play?

3. Care to give a few dozen variations that support this? How long does it take your computer to spit out this "instant" (just add Rybka) win from the key point? Do you know where the key point is? Are you within 200 USCF of a typical Board 1 rating to properly make an assessment? Maybe you can't put this together because you have less time than average?

4. Unlike everyone else on here, I am *not* verbally dyslexic (really -- instead of the next chessbook on the 43. Qce7++ Gruenfeld, pick up Strunk and White's), thus I am capable of inflecting the root "grandios-" to its proper noun form, grandiosity. Too many syllables for you? Actually it would be a grandiose world of delusion? (More accurate; I am also not semantically dyslexic as well as not grammatically dyslexic. Never mind, nobody here knows the difference.)

4.A. Anyway, your hyperbole is a debate tactic used to mask your unfamiliarity of having admirers and/or inability to discern those worthy of admiration. (And the above is actually a debate tactic in itself. I'll let you figure it out.)

5. Put money on it or shut up. Really. I take PayPal.


Sorry there weren't more jokes this time.


Anonymous said...

"As his title and rating indicate"? Are you serious? The only reason Marc Esserman is still an IM and not a GM is because he can't get invited to play in top tournaments with the big boys, even though he can clearly keep up with them (see: US Open 2011). The chess world is afraid of his talent. And they should be.

la verdad said...

Agreed, with previous post, Esserman can def duke it out with the big boys, his results prove it. Unfortunately, the cronies in San Louis would rather kiss Nakamura's *** than to give Marc a shot, in fact he has been told by non other than Jennifer Shahade who is not the last person in Saint Louis i hear, that he is "not well liked" well who are the frigging judges may I ask, I know plenty who don't like her for example either and i know some who do. But i also DONT know many who don't like Marc's brand of chess and that's the most important factor in this travesty, he doesn't even get a chance. He is not asking for a wild card into the US Championship, all he is asking for is a shot at one but no he doesn't get invited again and again and again... Stop the pettiness in Saint Louis

Anonymous said...

pettiness in saint louis? for treating a 2450 im like a 2450 im? marc is a good player and he beat van wely yes it was a brilliant game but his overall record against gm in fide rated play is horrendous, he gets 1-2 gm scalps a year and great all you losers love it because he plays aggressive chess and his wins are sexy but overall record of 1 win vs gm for every 5 losses is why saint louis doesnt invite him and he is not the strongest player they dont invite look at becerra and de firmian and kudrin and benjamin etc

Anonymous said...

LOL, Please produce results to back up your claims about Essermans record and if you cant, shut your mouth.

Anonymous said...

last 20 games with GMs marc wins 2 loses 10 and draws 8
http://ratings.fide.com/hist.phtml?event=2018616 last 5 lists you have to accept your hero is a strong player but only an average im

Anonymous said...


StatisticallyCurious said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous FIDE Statistician Nuthugger,
Since you got so much time on your hands, please provide the IM's feeble record against GM's starting in September 2008 up to September 2010, rather than just skewing the data to one year (Sept 2010-11). We wouldn't want to worship false idols.

Wooohohohoho said...


Anonymous said...

he was -9 sept08 to sept10 but true his percentage was better like 35 instead of 25

Anonymous said...