Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Semifinals Game of the Week

This year Game of the Week will be decided upon by IM Greg Shahade and NM Arun Sharma together. First place each week will receive a $200 bonus prize ($150 going to the winner of the game, $50 to the loser), second place $75, and third place $50 (both second and third going entirely to the winner).


*Due to the lower number of games played in the Semifinals and Championship, only the prizes for the first place game will be given out.

1st Place: IM Zhanibek Amanov (LA) vs GM Josh Friedel (CHC) 0-1

GM Friedel finished the game with the nice tactical shot 32... Rd2!, winning decisive material.

Very nice effort by Friedel, just playing a very smooth game throughout and then ending with an excellent tactical flurry - a sequence which could not have been easy to see with both players' clocks ticking down. Given the nice play by the victor and the attractiveness of the finishing blow, this seemed like an easy choice for this week's award.

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