Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week 10 Predictions

I'll need massive week to catch Ron Young (or a massive playoff round) so no point in wasting time, just will get to it.

Carolina vs Philadelphia: Now that 75% Pure Shahades has dropped the weakest link from their team, they should be an unstoppable force when in the same lineup. Philadelphia 2.5 – 1.5

Boston vs Queens: As Mark LaRocca pointed out, Boston follows Krasik's results, and Krasik hasn't fared well with Black this season. I see that somewhat changing this week, but only halfway. Boston ties Queens 2 – 2

New York vs New Jersey: Same records as last season, alot of the same players, and the same stakes. Must amount to about the same result. New York 3 – 1

Tennessee vs Baltimore: Tennesse may be a bit lax since they know they won't have the worst record in the league this season while Baltimore will likely be doing their utmost to leave the Inventors with that dubious distinction instead of themselves. Baltimore 2.5 – 1.5

Miami vs San Francisco: One thing we've definitely learned from the past few years is that Miami owns San Francisco in the playoffs, but San Francisco tends to own them in the regular season. Even though there's no in between, Week 10 seems like the closest thing you can get so the result should follow suit. Miami ties San Francisco 2 – 2

Dallas vs Chicago: A match that may well play no role in Dallas's playoff positioning has them bringing out one of their typical very strong lineups, while if Chicago doesn't at least draw, they're going home for certain, and yet they bring out their weakest lineup (rating-wise) since Week 1? Very unusual given the respective stakes for both teams, but at least it makes it easy to pick. Dallas 3 – 1

Arizona vs Seattle: Arizona can do the unthinkable with a 3 – 1 win along with the Destiny having the result I expect of them. They'll make a fine effort to pull it off, but will likely end up sacrificing a 2.5 – 1.5 victory knowing they need more. Arizona ties Seattle 2 – 2


HA81 said...

Hey Arun, I like some of your picks. The thing is, I felt I should make up for something you missed in all of this. Let's look:

You like Philly over the Cobras 2 1/2 - 1 1/2, so do I. I think that the Philly captain/manager/overlord or whatever has taken it upon himself to hit the Cobras where they are weakest, in their oldest player! (almost as old as me)

You have Boston and Queens tying 2 - 2 with that whole bogus "Illya Krasik is the heart of Boston" stuff. Whatever. I think Queens has a whole bunch more chances to win this match than Boston, but 2 - 2 is ok

Going with history you have the Knights beating the KO by 3 - 1. You know, I think the whole Jersey playoff run comes down to how the middle two boards do. I will venture a 2 - 2 guess, but it is just a guess

Giving Baltimore the 2 1/2 - 1 1/2 win over Tennessee looks like a desparate attempt to catch up in the predictor's standings. I understand it and appreciate it. Ok, Baltimore 2 1/2 - 1 1/2 Tennessee (I like the Baltimore nickname more too!)

Now we get funky. You have Miami tying SF 2 - 2. In the words of HAL 9000 "Sorry Arun, I can't do that". SF is missing the whole bottom of their lineup. Preuss, Schneider and Young are all good players, true, but this is for top spot in the West and not facing Dallas in the first round of the playoffs. What is going on here? Miami is a team on a role and SF just picked 4 names out of a hat? This is silly, Miami takes this 3 - 1 and wins the division.

In the Dallas - Chicago match you mention lineups and I agree. This is very curious, how teams looking for playoff spots just push names out there. The thing is that Chicago has gotten as far as they have with a bit of smoke and mirror, so they are going all the way with it. I think that Chicago will pull off and upset... and tie 2 - 2

Finally, you are looking for Arizona to forsake a win looking for the big score to pull out the playoff spot. Did I forget to mention that I said this might be a tough spot for Seattle 4 weeks ago? OH, there I did. Ok, this is do or die time for the Sluggers. So far this season I have stated what I thought the position of the Sluggers was, I have explained how I thought they could win matches, but I have not made a real prediction. Here it is. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages I present to you... the Seattle Sluggers getting into the playoffs...

with a 2 - 2 tie.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

LoL, What a moron...

Anonymous said...

ha81 has issues. He is dying for attention and this is the only way he gets it. He almost had some form of a poem there.

Anonymous said...

I'd say he has issues but why does he come to USCL to solve them, try the nut house Ha81.

Anonymous said...

Hey Arun! do you play chess ? Most of your predictions are just looking at the ratings. Anything can happen in this league, You are making a wrong bet Whatsoever! LOL

JG said...

I'm biased, but I actually completely disagree with the Miami-SF assessment by HA81. I think this was the specific lineup they wanted to use for this match. I think the SF lineup is all about boards 2 and 3. I think Friedel, Bhat, Shankland, Naroditsky would have been better, but probably not much. Stylistically I like the Pruess-Lopez match and I think that Bhat with black against Becerra could be favorable as well.

HA81 said...

First off, I want to thank Arun for doing this. I know that he didn't just pick based on rating... he uses a dart board sometimes, but not a rating list.

Next up JG, thanks for making a quasi intelligent comment, they are sadly lacking (I can only do so much). Here's the thing: I personally don't know the secret fraternal handshake of the USCL and so am never quite aware of what players are available. SF seems to be having a lot of that this year. Still, I think that saying you would rather have Bhat / Preuss instead of Freidel / Bhat is silly. No offense to Mr. Preuss, but is a player more likely to do well on first board or second? If you say first board, I think we know why none of the teams in your high school league "stacked" against you. Anyway, the last bit is really intriguing. Bhat with Black as favorable against Becerra. Wow, did you know that Mr. Becerra has been, um, league MVP twice? I just have to say that if this is the lineup SF "wanted" then good for them.