Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 9 Predictions

I've grown accustomed to doing the shorthand predictions, and as this is the last week for Monday matches this season (i.e. can't be yelled at and told to do a better job next time), I'll take the cheap route by sticking with the easier method.

Queens vs Carolina: Last week I predicted Queens to triumph on the top two boards and perish on the bottom two, but they managed to do a bit better than that. I might be inclined to call the same thing this week, but the larger issue may be that I've managed to underestimate Carolina's result pretty much every week. Well that streak of mine will certainly come to an end this week no matter what happens. Carolina 2.5 – 1.5

New York vs Baltimore: Baltimore has almost completely owned New York since the league began, but right now New York is hot, and Baltimore is well...not. Combine that with New York's knack for rising from the dead late in the season, and I think I have to choose in favor of that factor instead of the teams' head to head history. New York 2.5 – 1.5

Philadelphia vs Boston: Boston should be ripe for revenge, and with them being on the verge of clinching their playoff spot finally, they won't disappoint in their performance. Philadelphia's main saving grace, which I'm sure is a good consolation prize to manager is Mike Shahade, is that even if Boston has the only team between the two which really has a chance to win the USCL at this point, his city is the only one between the two with a chance to win the World Series now (and we can all recall how he predicted this). Unfortunately, that's likely to bode even worse for them in this match as who knows how many of the team members might be out partying late rather than getting ready for this match. Boston 3 – 1

New Jersey vs Miami: Very even board by board. I might have the inclination to give the slight nod to New Jersey, but the Knockouts are definitely likely to be playing it a tad safe given they don't want to risk having to play New York in the final week battling for their playoff lives. As such, this should play to a standstill. New Jersey ties Miami 2 - 2

Dallas vs San Francisco: Dallas is suddenly in a fight for their playoff lives and being the defending champions, they will rise to the occasion and won't lose this week. But San Francisco being my preseason pick to win the league this year, I don't think they'll lose either. Dallas ties San Francisco 2 – 2

Seattle vs Tennessee: Seattle had a huge rating advantage when these two teams met previously, but only managed to come out with a draw. How will they fare when the two teams are about equally matched rating-wise? Given their general record against the Tempo, and how much more meaningful this match is for them, they should prevail, but only barely. Seattle 2.5 – 1.5

Chicago vs Arizona: Like previous matches, it's clear who this match holds more meaning for given each team's respective playoff hopes. Add to that the fact that Van de Mortel and Tate have both been playing quite well this season, and Ginsburg and Rensch have been struggling, I think this one's easy to call. Chicago 3 – 1

(FM Ron Young predicts Carolina to win 2.5 – 1.5 on Monday).


Anonymous said...

Lenderman did not play this week so he could win MVP award. What does MVP win anyway?

Anonymous said...

He should sit out. He has earned the MVP award obviously.

Greg Shahade said...

You do realize that if Erenburg wins this week he is ahead of Lenderman in the MVP rankings?