Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 Game of the Year Contest

All other awards now being revealed, the main postseason attraction, the Game of the Year Contest, is on the agenda and will begin in mid to late December. As usual we will have twenty games in the contest, the seven "Wildcard" games picked by the GOTW Judges that will be joining the thirteen Games of the Week.

The announcement of those seven Wildcard games will begin in the next day or two with one game being announced every day.

The full details are:


1st: $700 ($600 to the winner, $100 to the loser)
2nd: $400
3rd: $300
4th: $200
5th: $100

The judging panel will also be fairly different, though not quite unfamiliar, with all but one of the judges being a GOTY veteran from some previous season. The five judges are:

GM Jan Gustafsson
GM Robert Hess
FM Ingvar Johannesson
WIM Alisa Melekhina
FM Ron Young

And so those are the complete details of the contest. Once more, be sure to keep an eye out on the USCL site for the announcement of the seven Wildcard games which will begin within the next couple of days!


Anonymous said...

My prediction is Jan, Robert, Ingvar, and Alisa gang up and kick Ron out of the judging circle after he makes them spend an hour figuring out his word jumble to find a clue on his pick.

Anonymous said...

I believe past USCL players such as Robert Hess should not be invited as judges on principle because of unprecedented bias and pressure to vote for his old teammates/friends.

Arun Sharma said...

Not sure if the above person is serious, but if we were to disallow any person from being a judge due to the potential of bias from them happening to know one of the players involved in the contest, then I'm pretty sure every reasonably strength-ed player in the country would have to be disallowed.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the GOTY judges get paid

Anonymous said...

Greg sends them checks?

Aruzle Sharazle said...

this panel sucks why cant it be greg and ashton?

Papa Chulo said...

Your mama sucks mr Aruzle Sharazle. In all seriousness, this panel is the best ever that I can remember, good job at getting the Vikings to judge. Hess is the only poor choice, former uscl players should be excluded. Arun, knowing someone isnt a reason for judging exclusion but playing history for an existing uscl team should be.