Thursday, December 25, 2008

Blogger of the Year

In the fourth season of the USCL, there were more fans and bloggers who followed the league than ever before. However, none of them did as fine a job as Christopher Bird did with

Not only did have entertaining live video commentary during the the playoffs, but there were also weekly match previews by Christopher Bird, weekly match recaps by Mark LaRocca, extensive photo galleries after every match, occasional interviews with team players, and controversial articles by Ilya Krasik. While there were lots of other great blogs out there, this one was hard to beat.

Other serious contenders would have to be the two expansion teams, Chicago and Arizona; both of their blogs were updated on a regular basis with lots of variety that included recaps, previews, game analysis, and photos. Also led the league in statistical analysis of the players and matches. However in the end, did too fantastic of a job this season to be denied the prize.

Forgive us for not mentioning every blog; there were so many of them that we just can't do that, but please understand that the USCL greatly appreciates the time and effort that all of you put into making the 2008 season as entertaining as it was!


Anonymous said...

Boston sucks

Elizabeth Vicary said...

Congratulations, Chris! Fantastic job!

Bionic Lime said...

Yes, congrats to Chris for his comprehensive, interesting, and elegant blog.

Its just an honor to be nominated. :-)

Bionic Lime

Ilya said...

Congradulations to Chris Bird and to the entire boston blitz organization, to me of course :) It was an honor long overdue, imo nothing even comes close in USCL to what offers. Regards from St Petersberg Russia, happy New Years.

mark_larocca said...

Congratulations Chris... a well deserved award. I think the Webcast put you over the top... Once people were exposed to your MC wit and charm... it was a lock.