Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baltimore Kingfishers Announce Their Roster

2008 Team Roster: (Baltimore has not decided which rating list to use. Aug 08 listed below)

1. GM Sergey Erenburg: 2592
2. FM Tegshsuren Enkhbat: 2446
3. IM Larry Kaufman: 2424
4. FM Ray Kaufman: 2348
5. FM Ralph Zimmer: 2328
6. WIM Tsagaan Battsetseg: 2234

After a spellbinding run which won them the 2005 USCL Championship, luck just hasn't seemed with the Kingfishers since then, as a loss in the last week of the regular season has left them out of the post-season in both of the last two seasons. With their normal rocks FM Enkbhat, IM L Kaufman, and WIM Battsetseg all returning, along with GM Erenburg and the much improved IM-Elect R Kaufman both likely to play much more this season, the combination of experience and the re-energizing the latter two might well provide, this could be the year of Baltimore's return to prominence.

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