Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tennessee Tempo Announce Their Roster

2008 Team Roster: (Tennessee is using the Oct 07 Rating List)

1. GM Jaan Ehlvest: 2668
2. IM Ron Burnett: 2412
3. FM Todd Andrews: 2350
4. FM Peter Bereolos: 2304
5. FM John Bick: 2249
6. NM Brian McCarthy: 2207
7. FM Jerry Wheeler: 2204
8. Jim Al-Shamma: 2127


1. Gerald Larson: 2105

After a rough first season, in their second season Tennessee seemed to take on a similar role that Philadelphia seemed to hold for their first two seasons -- being a dangerous team but seeming to lack the firepower to be a true playoff threat. That all changed for the Inventors when GM Jaan Ehlvest joined their cause midway through 2006 as they were on the brink of a playoff birth in the final week despite having started with an 0 - 4 record.

History may well repeat itself with the Tempo as with the addition of GM Ehlvest to their roster, we are likely to see a completely different Tempo team in 2008. With him holding down the top board, IM Burnett is certain to find things much more manageable on second board, and FM Andrews, after turning in a near All Star Performance on Board Two in 2007, is likely to be a serious threat on Board Three. While it's anyone's guess how many matches GM Ehlvest might play due to the distance, I have a feeling no one will be taking the Tempo for granted this season.


Ilya said...

hmm, this is interesting last year Ehlevest was sent to the struggling Philadelphia, now he is going to Tennesee, I wonder who pays for his airfare, the teams or the League itself, maybe Greg can shed some light on that.

Arun Sharma said...

The League itself does not pay airfare (or anything else for that matter) for any team or player. Each team receives does receive sponsorship from the League which they can use as they see fit (as long as it goes to the players).

Tennessee Tempo said...

GM Ehlvest has become part of the team, because he has multiple buddies on the team and primarily because he enjoys the good livin' down South!

Ilya said...

I very much doubt he will be livin down south as you put it. He will be flying to play there if his time is well compensated, I dont expect him to play a lot.