Thursday, August 7, 2008

Carolina Cobras Announce Their Roster

2008 Team Roster: (Carolina has not decided which list to use. Aug 08 listed below)

1. IM Lev Milman: 2502
2. IM Jonathan Schroer: 2441
3. FM Oleg Zaikov: 2376
4. FM Ron Simpson: 2346
5. NM Craig Jones: 2320
6. Udayan Bapat: 2179
7. John Timmel: 2026


1. Adam Holmes: 1961

After a disappointing 2007 season, Carolina returns to the division where their legendary playoff birth in 2006 occurred. Both having been 2006 All Stars, FM Zaikov and NM Jones had great performances in 2006 against their East competitors, and they, along with their new addition FM Simpson, will likely be called on again to perform on the lower boards the way they did then if Carolina wants to make a return to the post-season in 2008.

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