Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Remainder of Week 1 Predictions

So the contest to see who is really the supreme in being a fortune teller in regards to USCL Matches largely begins here, and this is my contribution for the opening week. Nothing precisely earth shattering (at least imo) as far as any profound or daring picks. Given my intense desire to win this contest after being defeated last year, I personally will only make such picks when there is some good anecdotal evidence previous in the season to somewhat justify them. Until then, it's nearly all about the statistics.

New York ties Boston 2 2

Baltimore ties New Jersey 2 2

Queens ties Philadelphia 2 2

Carolina over Tennessee 2.5 1.5

San Francisco over Dallas 2.5 1.5

Seattle over Miami 2.5 1.5

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Anonymous said...

He did not pick all draws!