Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Boston Blitz Announce Their Roster

2008 Team Roster: (Boston is using the Dec 07 Rating List)

1. GM Larry Christiansen: 2669
2. GM Eugene Perelshteyn: 2592
3. SM Jorge Sammour-Hasbun: 2576
4. IM David Vigorito: 2433
5. NM Denys Shmelov: 2393
6. NM Charles Riordan: 2336
7. NM Marc Esserman: 2265
8. NM Ilya Krasik: 2137


1. NM Chris Williams: 2298
2. NM Vadim Martirosov: 2255

After two super strong seasons, both of which left the Blitz slightly short of their Championship dreams and likely craving it more than ever, they return this season with another super powerful lineup. With all four of their 2007 All Stars returning along with near 2006 All Star NM Riordan and the improving NM Esserman, the USCL title is very likely to be within Boston's grasp again this year. Seeming to generally take one extra stride than the previous season in their quests, if the Blitz can duplicate that feat this season, a USCL Championship can be their only logical result in 2008.

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