Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Chicago Blaze Announce Their Roster

2008 Team Roster: (Chicago has not decided which rating list to use. Aug 08 listed below)

1. GM Yury Shulman: 2680
2. GM Dmitry Gurevich: 2581
3. IM Jan van de Mortel: 2460
4. FM Mehmed Pasalic: 2375
5. IM Angelo Young: 2356
6. Ilan Meerovich: 2131
7. Adam Strunk: 2113

With current US Champion GM Yury Shulman leading them, the Chicago Blaze have to like their chances in their first season in the USCL. Unlike their counterpart expansion team Arizona, Chicago has chosen a very traditional route in their roster with a host of titled players, including GM Gurevich, as the core of their team and two improving juniors, Meerovich and Strunk, as their anchors. As mentioned, the debate between a balanced and stacked team has seen many debates, and fans should have the chance to see the first major battle between those styles when the Blaze take on the Scorpions in the first USCL match of 2008 on August 25!

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